Health & Safety

Safety is non-negotiable and we are committed to achieving the highest global standards to ensure fatalities or injuries are prevented. We aim to create a culture whereby safety and wellbeing are embedded in the mentality of our team at all levels, and we believe that by doing so we can help prevent accidents, mitigate costs and operational downtime, and enhance our company productivity.

Formal training and development are combined with daily safety briefings and awareness campaigns on-site to foster a culture of safety among the team to aim for a situation where everyone takes full accountability for their own safety and that of those around them. No aspect of our performance is considered more important than maintaining a safe working environment, and responsibility for this is held by everyone at Shanta. This is reflected in its application when evaluating the performance of all employees monthly, who are recognised for their safety awareness and performance to encourage safe practices. It is also the top key performance indicator when considering bonus awards for Executive Directors.

At Shanta, we ensure compliance with the statutory requirements as stipulated in the Tanzania Occupational Safety and Health Act (2003). To verify compliance, statutory inspection is carried out by the Tanzania Occupational Safety and Health Authority (OSHA) annually.

We recognise the importance of being fully prepared for any worst-case scenarios. Our specialised Emergency Response Team (“ERT”) are fully highly trained and fully equipped to deal with an emergency at New Luika, and Shanta has an Emergency Response Plan (“ERP”) and Emergency Crisis and Management Plan (“ECMP”) in use to instruct how the team should respond to an emergency.

Health & Safety

All team members at our sites in Tanzania have access to a medical centre, which is staffed by qualified medical professionals and equipped with the medicine and equipment needed to deal with a range of health issues experienced by any individual. In the event of an emergency, there is an ambulance on site to respond to any issue, and we have clear procedures in place if a serious incident occurs and someone at our site needs to be taken to a hospital facility offsite. These procedures are governed by Shanta’s Medical Health Policy which instructs the process when people are sick or injured in relation to work or non-work factors.

We aim to be an employer that provides good social and living conditions for our workforce, improve the health and mental wellbeing of our team, and enhances productivity and motivation.

The health risks at our workplaces include opportunistic, stress-related and communicable diseases. We manage these risks through programmes that monitor the health of our people to detect early signs of illness.