Our People

Corporate responsibility begins with our own people, employment practices and maintaining equitable treatment across all levels of our organisation.

A skilled and motivated team are critical to the success of any organisation, and we recognise the importance of this to our own business. Our aim is for everyone to take accountability for their own professional development, and we strive to provide the tools for individuals to succeed in doing this. We support ongoing professional development for our team and fund various training to meet any skill gaps and help individuals succeed. Key focus areas for the training programs provided include health and safety, mining and mine support, exploration, asset protection and leadership.

Our preference is to promote from within wherever possible and all positions are advertised internally in the first instance. Our aim is for employees to be able to progress from entry-level through to a senior-level if they possess the skills and ability to do so.

Shanta Gold has the objective of training and employing local residents and thereby yielding direct and sustainable benefits to the local communities. Over 99% of Shanta Mining Company Limited and the major contractors' employees are Tanzanian nationals and approximately half of these are permanent residents of the local villages.

We believe in the benefits of having a team with a diverse background, who can bring broad perspectives to our business, and work to be an inclusive employer. Our Equal Employment Opportunity Policy commits to offering equal employment opportunities regardless of ethnicity, gender, age, or religion, and we strive to employ and promote the best-qualified person for each job while valuing and promoting diversity within our team. This commitment extends to all aspects of employment, from the advertisement of job opportunities to recruitment, compensation, and promotion. The policy applies to every employee at all levels, and we believe its application is key to having the best people.

We are committed to identifying and resolving barriers to the advancement and fair treatment of women in our workplaces. Through our employment, supply chain, training, and community investment programmes, our goal is to contribute to the socio-economic empowerment of women in the communities associated with our operations.

The Company does not tolerate any form of harassment or conduct which contributes to an intimidating or offensive work environment, particularly when the conduct is related to a person’s gender, colour, age, race, or religion. There are strict disciplinary consequences for employees who engage in harassment.

Our approach to labour relations is to build strong relationships with our team through developing mutual trust, transparency, and diplomatic resolution. We have effective channels through which our team can raise grievances, including direct support through line managers and regular public meetings at each site.